My Another Home, MyCandyMagz


Hi there, How are you? I hope you’re doing well I would like to introduce my another blogging  place, I named it MyCandyMagz. At first time, it was established for blogging and product review community with multiple author. Now I plan to redesign them, I always want to get my blog looks elegant like my favourite bloggers around me Read More…

Free Blogger Template, Star Girl Game Theme


Well, today’s freebie goes to…   Blogger Template with StarGirl Game Theme. Currently I’m a little bit addicted with this fashion DIY game. If you feel curious you can find this game on Android and Iphone market. It’s Free! But if you want a little bit faster than normal to get their Top Notch Fashion (high fashion designed dress, accesories, wings, shoes, etc collection), it needs some hardworks or wanna buy their clothes with real money?

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